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cheat codes are  NOTLame

All Weapons

Enter the cheat menu and enter in these codes

one star

Enter the cheat menu and enter in this code:


Never cry when running: 

__________ was the ____ _ any ___ could ever have. Any ___ who has said different obviously has 'problems' and is a pathetic lying wannabe damsel in fake distress, . If you have been with a real _____ like ____and can't get over this precious diamond of a _____, then enter the following cheat code into your heart, save and quit:

Left-Left-Right-Right-Left- Q-W-E-R-T-Y,-Up Up-Down (Note: if this code does not work restart your program. If doesn't work again, kill yourself.)

Get 6 wanted stars

Enter the cheat menu and enter in this code:


Get 25,000 money?

Enter the cheat menu and enter in this code:


Gain one star

Enter the cheat menu and enter in this code:


Unknown Code

Enter the cheat menu and enter in this code:

Left~Right~Up~Down~R~A, I have yet to discover what exactly this cheat does but it does something.

Please submit us any information regarding this unknown code.


Cheat Mode is activated when A + B Buttons are held down and the START Button is pushed. Health is restored to 100: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, B, B.

Cheat Mode

While playing press A + B + Start.

Health Pickup

Complete 9 paramedic missions.

Never get tired when running

Complete 12 Paramedic missions to never get tired when running.

Cruise Control

While in a car, hold Up + R (like you would to sound the horn). Hold those buttons, and release the gas. Your car will continue at the same speed you were at when beginning the sequence.

Unlockable New Cars

# Borgnine Taxi: Beat 50 Taxi missions and the taxi will be in the Portland hideout. # F-1 Racer: Beat the 18 race missions and the car will appear at the last island for the final races.

Package Rewards

You can get these items by collecting Hidden Packages:

Body Armor: Collect 30 Hidden Packages Shotgun: Collect 40 Hidden Packages Grenades: Collect 50 Hidden Packages Molotov Cocktails: Collect 60 Hidden Packages Assault Rifle: Collect 70 Hidden Packages Pistol: Collect 10 Hidden Packages Uzi: Collect 20 Hidden Packages Mini Gun: Collect 80 Hidden Packages Rocket Launcher: Collect 90 Hidden Packages

Easy Money

Kill the people on the streets with big yellow coats. They usually drop about $1,000 each.

Display Coordinates

Press Start + A + B during game play.

Police Bribes

For every ten vigilante missions completed, you will get a police bribe at your hideout. The maximum number you can get is six.

Set Speed

Hold UP + R while in a car to set the speed without pressing the gas.